The England Operation

Welcome to England, 1141:

A failed state

Rampaging warlords

Riots in the streets

Disappearing sheep


But never fear...


The peacekeepers are coming

In the year 1141, civil war rages in England. Robber barons pillage and loot, while rampaging armies terrorise the countryside. But never fear: the peacekeepers are coming. The Organisation of Nations of the World (known in Latin as ONO) launches the England Operation to sort everything out. In this world-turned-upside-down satire on the peacekeeping industry, rich and powerful African businesswomen and politicians collude with Norman warlords to steal England’s most valuable natural resource—sheep—as the hapless international troops who are supposed to stop the war sink ever deeper into the swamp of violence and corruption that is twelfth-century England.

Peter Swarbrick served as a UN peacekeeper in New York, Cambodia and half a dozen African countries, including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where he spent six years.

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