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WELCOME to the website of Peter Swarbrick. I am the author of two books, The England Operation and Fifty-ONE, and a multi-part private detective caper called Lady Don't Fall Backwards. It's a dark and twisting tale set in Rangoon's noir future, in the big, gritty city of 2040s Yangon that relates the adventures of private eye U Mar Lo, engaged by a crusty old general to find his wayward daughter and, more importantly, the Laukkai Jade, the family heirloom that disappeared when she went missing.

If you don't like Lady Don't Fall Backwards, you might be better off with the Chronicles of Bei Ka Street, the original Burmese stories of Rangoon consulting detective U Sha Lok and his friend Dr Wa Zone, which apparently inspired imitators in Britain and elsewhere. There are six stories in all: A Study in Saffron, The Scent of Scandal, The Pickled Blend, The Silver Spoon, The Devil's Toyshop, and The Great Bell. They can be found on the page entitled Chronicles of Bei Ka Street.

Picture by Todd Walker. It's not actually of Yangon.